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Script Surgeon

Hello and welcome to Script Surgeon.

Script surgeon is a place where screenwriters and storytellers can get advice, encouragement and analysis. Much of our thoughts about storytelling and screenwriting can be found in the blog whereas stuff like who to send your script too and how not to get ripped off (and if that's even a real concern) can be found on the hints and tips page.

Our main service is a script-reading process.

For a small fee we will read your script and provide thorough notes on what to change, what to enhance, what to delete and what to do more of - what works and what doesn't in other words.

As we have only just started, we are running some special offers currently, but already you can read some testimonials from satisfied clients or download a sample report so you can see the kind of work we do.

You may also want to know who we are and what we've done and if you have any other questions, you should find the answers at our FAQ.

Finally, if you want to get in touch, other than to submit a script, send an email to

We look forward to reading your treatments and scripts.

-The Script Surgeons