Script Surgeon
Script Surgeon

Send us your script and a bit of money and we'll tell you what we think is right and wrong with it.

You want more details before you part with your cash? Okay, fair enough.

You send us a screenplay, play, or treatment - no short stories or novels, please. Within seven days, we will send you back a detailed analysis, not dissimilar to the kind of coverage documents which Hollywood studios and production companies produce.

In this document, we will summarise the main plot (so you can check our understanding!) and then assess what we liked and disliked about it. Since our expertise is mainly in storytelling, and since this is generally considered to be the most important aspect of a screenplay, we will often include more analysis of the story than the dialogue, action lines or other aspects of your work.

The document will conclude with a summary of what we think are the next actions which you should take - assuming that you agree with our notes. You are of course entirely free to reject some or all of what we have to say. Writers generally know a good note when they hear it - it already chimes with a secret fear they already had - but sometimes you need to hear the same note from multiple sources before you pay attention to it. And sometimes a note is dead wrong, or is simply the way another writer would have done it.

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